Leak Remediation Services

At Echo Plumbing, we offer leak detection and remediation services for residential and commercial customers. Plumbing leaks are among the toughest problems that a home owner or a business can face. Leaks can occur in sewage systems, drain lines, pipes, or in sub-surface water lines. It can happen to anyone, to any kind of structure and at any time! You may not know exactly what is leaking or where, nor how significant the damage is or precisely what has failed.

Plumbing leaks happen in a variety of piping products regardless of where the fixture it is set up. Leaks take place in copper, galvanized steel, ductile iron and almost every type of plastic piping and in every imaginable area inside, outside, above or below ground.

The most common areas in which plumbing leaks are likely to take place are in landscaping, around radiant heat systems, irrigation systems, in basements, under concrete slabs or asphalt and possibly the worst of all, behind walls.

How Can You Tell if You have a Leak?

  • Audible water running when all fixtures are off
  • Off color ceiling areas
  • Leaking floors
  • Bubbled paint or wall paper
  • Warm water when you turn on cold
  • Water heater refusing to shut off
  • Low water pressure
  • High water bills
  • Water meter changes without running any water
  • Mildew odors from floors or walls
  • Broken or abnormally damp foundation or slab
  • Excessive wetness under carpeting
  • Warm locations on concrete floors

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Close up of plumber filling pipes with pressurized air to inspect for leaks in new installation, using air compressor while checking gas tightness of heating system. Concept of home renovation