Sewer and Drain Services

At Echo Plumbing, we provide sewer and drain services. Residential, and especially commercial, drains  get clogged from grease, detergents, grime, hair and a number of other debris. A simple clog can be quickly fixed by our drain unclogging service, but if your drains are backed up quite often or draining slowly, you will need a full drain cleaning.

What’s the difference?

Drain Unclogging

This service will help drains that have a current backup, usually caused by a foreign object that has fallen into the drain or a collection of other debris such as hair. At Echo Plumbing, we promise to unclog any drain. Our drain experts will assess the issue, discover the cause of the blockage and remove it so your drain flows properly.

Drain Cleaning

This service covers drains that frequently backup or drain slowly for no apparent reason. Slow-flowing drains or drains with frequent backups are often caused by obstructions with layers of grease, debris, dirt, soap scum, roots and more. Unclogging may temporarily fix the drain, but the problem may re-occur as the obstruction requires a deeper cleaning. Echo Plumbing utilizes high quality products and modern technology to blast away the dirt and debris from slow-flowing drains.

Other Causes

On occasion, the condition of the pipes themselves can cause drain issues. Items like root intrusion, offset joints, wear and tear on older pipes and other calamities can lead to a back-up. If more involved work is needed, our team will diagnose the issue and advise you of the best possible solution.

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