Water Heater Replacements

Echo Plumbing is the most trusted source for water heaters in the Inland Empire. Whether you have a home or an office, our technicians will help you install and maintain your water heater at competitive rates.

Echo Plumbing also specializes in tankless water heater installations. A new tankless water heater replacing an old storage tank unit can make a tremendous difference for a home. A tankless water heater only heats up water as there is a need for it. As the water starts to move through the unit toward a hot water tap, a heat exchanger transfers heat from gas jets or electric heating elements to the water. As soon as the need stops, the heating stops. There are many benefits of this type of water heater:

Energy Savings: A storage tank water heater must constantly heat the water in its tank to replace heat loss; whereas, a tankless water heater only runs when there’s a request for hot water. This difference equals energy savings, which means a tankless water heater will quickly pay back its installation cost.
Unlimited Hot Water: As long as a tankless water heater is properly sized to a home’s needs, it won’t run out of hot water. It will supply hot water on demand!
Longevity: With less energy use, a tankless water heater may outlast a storage tank unit, usually by many years.
Smaller Size: A tankless water heater is small enough to fit on a wall, freeing up the space a larger tank requires.

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