Plumbing Camera Inspection

Not so long ago, plumbers took a lot of time to locate the cause of plumbing line problems. It was expensive and messy, resulting in the yard looking dirty and torn-up. Home owners and businesses had to endure trenches being dug to find out where a problem was located. Restoration took a lot of time and money. Even after restoration was done, the area did not look like before. 

plumbing camera checking drain pipe

Home owners and businesses do take plumbing lines and plumbing systems for granted. When they are working ok, home owners and businesses forego the annual inspection which would save them a lot of money. The only time that home owner’s pay attention to plumbing lines is when a problem occurs. It may be a crack on the sewer line allowing waste water to flow to the ground surface or soil has blocked the pipe’s path preventing proper flow of waste water. This causes a back flow of waste water into the home, creating a mess. Thanks to modern technology, home owners can benefit from a much tidier and less-intrusive camera inspection to detect potential plumbing line issues in the Inland Empire.

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